About Us

The parishes of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Mary are located in the heart of North Central Iowa having served their respective communities since the late 1800s. The combined membership of both parishes is over 1500.

In serving our faith community we offer many opportunities for our parish members to participate in a wide range of activities. We also play an active role in our communities through service work and providing for the needs of our area.


St. Thomas Aquinas
Mission Statement

We, the parishioners of St. Thomas Aquinas, remain rooted in Christ by: creating a spirit of hospitality in all that we do, celebrating the liturgy with great care and devotion, placing the goal of active participation before all else, witnessing faithfully to God’s presence and love in our daily lives and effectively communicating that message, sharing our God-given gifts and caring responsibly for those in need. Adopted by the Pastoral Council
November, 2011

St. Mary
Mission Statement

We the community of St. Mary Church strive for Heaven by devoting ourselves to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through worship, prayer, and service by living virtuous lives as disciples of Christ, loving our neighbors, proclaiming our faith, and passing it on.
Adopted by the Pastoral Council
November, 2010