Faith Formation Commission


Pastor and those sponsored by him until future notice.


The Faith Formation Commission’s purpose is to lead and collaborate in the development, planning, implementation and assessment of a comprehensive parish ministry of life-long faith formation so that all households and members of the parish will be supported in their faith journey. It functions to promote knowledge of the faith, liturgical education, moral formation, teaching to pray, education for community life, and missionary initiation. It implements the directives for catechesis and the policies of the archdiocese to reach out to those who are adults, elderly, young adults, adolescents, children of catechetical, Catholic schools, early childhood, family, persons with disabilities, and the marginalized.

When & Where

As determined by the Commission


Fr. Stephen Meyer – Pastor

Amy Shannon – Chair

Gina Nilles

Diane Bahrenfuss

Bridget Roden – St. Thomas Pastoral Council Rep.

Cheryl Cottington – St. Mary Pastoral Council Rep.

Dan Hurt – Parish Rep.