Pastoral Council St. Mary


Pastor, Elected Members, Finance Council Chair


As the leaders of the parish, it is essential that a pastoral council be a prayerful group. The responsibility of assisting the pastor to guide the parish and to fulfill the mission of the parish/cluster requires a council composed of faith-filled women and men who realize that the work they do is not their own. Therefore, the recommendations of the council must flow from a prayerful discernment of the will of God for the parish/cluster community. Prayer is at the heart of the council’s work. One result of such prayer is openness to discernment. The use of prior information and the recommendations that flow from it result in true discernment in that a council actively seeks and listens for the direction of the Holy Spirit.

When & Where

As determined by the Pastoral Council Chair and Pastor


Fr. Stephen Meyer

Michelle Oskvig

Cheryl Cottingham – Secretary, Faith Formation

Betty Sponsel – Liturgy Rep.

Arnold Smith – PC Chair, Social Justice

Annette Jeffers

Sharon Wiese – Parish Life