St. Thomas Aquinas Foundation


Six members of the Parish, the Pastor, and Archbishop and Vicar General of the Diocese serve on the Board of Directors.


Incorporated July 29, 1974, the St. Thomas Aquinas Foundation purpose is to provide for the extraordinary needs of the St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and School.

The St. Thomas Aquinas Foundation provides financial funding for special projects of the school and church. Gifts to the Foundation continue to work for many years in that only the investment interest from these gifts may be used for special funding, equipment and projects.

When & Where

The committee meets on a “needs” basis.


The Foundation works in various ways, funding almost $25,000 each year in tuition scholarships. In addition, all new school and education computers, room air conditioning for the computer lab and software purchases have been paid by the Foundation in recent years. The Foundation continually works with St. Thomas School educators and the St. Thomas Parish to identify special needs and assist in either funding or matching funds to make the project a reality.

Direction of Funds Spent

Gifts to the Foundation are invested wisely by the Board and only the earned interest on the investments can be used. At this time, gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible. They may be given as memorials, bequests in wills, monetary gifts or deeds of property.


Most Rev Michael Jackels – Archbishop

Rev Msgr Thomas E Toale – Vicar General

Fr. Stephen Meyer – Pastor

Greg Maharry – President

Max Nedved – Vice President

Heidi Tesdahl – Secretary

Steve Anderson

Ben Rahe

Jon Symens