Level of Instruction

St. Thomas Aquinas School provides Preschool through Grade 6 instruction to students. Our Preschool program is popular and fills up quickly, and parents are encouraged to call to ascertain openings. Both a 2-day-a-week, half day, 3-year-old program and a 3-day-a-week, half day, 4-year-old program are offered. The four-year-olds have the option of staying all day.


Children who are five years of age by September 15 are eligible to enroll for entrance into kindergarten. Children who are six years of age by September 15 are eligible to enroll for entrance into the first grade. In the spring parents of students who will be in kindergarten are invited to an information night. The following day the incoming kindergartners are invited to spend time experiencing the program for themselves. Those interested in enrolling students may call the school office (832-1346) with questions.


Our students are under the instruction of State certified teachers, and experienced, certified staff support their work. Our class size ratio is 12:1

In addition to the regular academic program, physical education and computer lab personnel teach students.


Students are charged tuition. Call the School office (832-1346) for current rates. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School will accept students of any religious conviction. However, as a student, everyone is considered a part of the total school community and will be included and expected to participate in all activities scheduled as part of the class day and all required classes, even those of a religious nature.

While we are committed to meeting the individual needs of students, St. Thomas Aquinas School recognizes that it may not be possible to do justice to all types of students. Therefore, the school reserves the right to dismiss a student if it is later determined that the student has needs which cannot be met by the school staff. This could include such things as medical, behavioral or learning needs.