Catholic School Board

Catholic School Board




The Catholic School Board of Education is a subcommittee of the Faith Formation Commission. Functions include: Ensuring the Catholic identity of the Catholic school, whose central purpose is supporting role to the catechetical plan of the support parish, the educational apostolate of the Archdiocese, and the teaching mission of the Church. Oversee and evaluate the program for consistency with that mission. Report to the parish Faith Formation Commission to maintain open communication and awareness of school activities as part of the total parish catechetical plan. Employ personnel according to state and Archdiocesan policy, establish and implement compensation programs, and authorize issuance of contracts and job descriptions. Develop, oversee, and review the educational budget and annual financial reports according to Archdiocesan directives. Collaborate with the finance council of the parish, presenting its proposed gross budget for review and endorsement. Ensure appropriate instructional materials are available for the school. Relate to local public school(s) and AEA as needed. Establish a school improvement advisory committee (SIAC) and other state mandated advisory committees. Review and utilize all individual programs and state mandated needs assessment results for planning. Develop required discipline policies, in compliance with state law and Archdiocesan policy. Deal with complaints according to policy. Promote efforts in public relations, recruiting, and development. Make physical plant improvements in cooperation with the parish pastoral council and in compliance with Archdiocesan policy. To be accountable to the Archdiocesan Catholic School Board and implement its policies and those of the Archdiocesan Faith Formation Commission.

When & Where

Second Wednesday of the month (except July) in the school and special meetings as needed.


Sarah Staley – President

Pat Powers – Vice President

Jason Ribbens – Recording Secretary

Shawna Vestweber

Fr. Stephen Meyer – Pastor

Jim Hindt – P.C. Rep/non-voting

Dr. Emily Hill-Engstler

Ben Rahe – President Emeritus/non-voting

Duane J. Siepker – Executive Officer/non-voting


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